Aging in Place Help Seniors from Afar: by Elmer George

Use These Tips To Help Seniors From Afar

You consider yourself a good person, and you’re always willing to help others. There’s just something right about giving support when it’s needed. That’s why living far away from elderly parents or friends can be frustrating. You’re ready and willing to help, but the distance makes that impossible.

Not anymore. Thanks to modern technology, you can take care of seniors even though you live far away. Downsizing is great for many seniors, but to start, look at the different devices that let you help from afar.

Checking In Through Technology

In the past, you had to live nearby to check in on seniors and lend them a hand. These days, there are many technological devices that give you a hand in giving seniors a hand as well. The Senior Living Blog discusses these devices, such as:

      Wearable health monitors that send information to your phone so you can see the seniors’ health in real time.

      Health and fitness trackers to encourage seniors to stay active and keep exercising.

      Medical alert systems for the home so seniors can quickly get help in case of an emergency.

Monitoring the situation is a great way to help, but if the seniors have trouble with mobility, monitoring doesn’t do much. That’s when you need to look into mobility equipment. Although a cane doesn’t look very technological, you don’t have to see lights and screens for a device to be helpful for seniors. From canes to transfer devices, these can bring much-needed support to help the seniors stay independent.

Benefits Of Downsizing

Technology and devices aren’t the only ways you can help seniors living far from you. More and more, seniors are downsizing by selling their old home and moving into one that’s smaller. The benefits of downsizing include:

      Increased safety by moving into a place that seniors can handle.

      Saving money by having a lower housing payment.

      Moving into a neighborhood that’s more in line with seniors’ lifestyles.


As Redfin notes, seniors are probably looking at five types of housing:

1.     Buying a smaller house or condominium.

2.     Renting a smaller house.

3.     Moving in with family.

4.     Moving into a retirement community.

5.     Entering an assisted living facility.


You know the seniors, so you know their particular needs. Talk to them on phone or video chat and help them explore their options. When you have settled on a type, go online and do the preliminary housing searches in that area. Curate the list and give seniors links to the best housing options. You can also email realtors and ask if they have experience helping seniors downsize their home.

Helping With The Move

Speaking of experience with moving seniors, you can also look online to find a senior move manager in your area. These are professionals trained in helping seniors move into a new home. Whether the seniors are buying or renting, a senior move manager can help provide the on-the-ground help you cannot, such as:

      Working with the seniors to create a plan for their new home.

      Helping declutter and downsize.

      Give unneeded items to charities and non-profits.

      Finding a reputable and insured moving company.

      Assist with packing and unpacking.

      Helping decide where everything goes in the new place.

Start Helping Seniors Today

You can help seniors even if you live far away. Start by looking into devices and mobility equipment that can help. Then talk to the seniors about downsizing and look online for new home options. Once downsizing has been agreed upon, hire a senior move manager to make sure the process goes smoothly. You might not be able to be there, but your support can.