Alzheimers and Sleep

Good Sleep Associated with Slower Buildup of Alzheimer’s Plaques - In a brain imaging study of 70 adults, researchers at Johns Hopkins investigated the impact of sleep on the accumulation of beta-amyloid plaques, a hallmark of Alzheimer’s Disease. Both the amount of sleep and sleep quality were examined for their potential contributions to beta-amyloid plaque buildup.

The participants in this study were adults whose age ranged from 53 to 91 years old, with an average age of 76. These individuals were part of a longer longitudinal brain imaging study, and their earlier MRIs were used as a reference when the presence of beta-amyloid was measured.

This research suggests that interventions to improve or maintain healthy sleep among older adults could play a role in preventing or slowing the onset or progress of Alzheimer’s Disease. This research may also have significant public health implications, since over half of older adults report having insomnia symptoms.

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