Do you REALLY need those identity theft programs?

 “The FTC and Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau have fined Equifax, Experian and TransUnion (the credit bureaus )for deceptive marketing of these overpriced and generally unnecessary products”.  Keep your money and instead freeze your credit - it’s now free to do so (although it’s still a pain as you have to unfreeze it every time someone wants to check your credit.  My last encounter was when I switched carriers for my cell phone).  

It’s worth it to me for my peace of mind.  Arizona where I live does NOT allow consumers to sue the credit bureaus, only the Attorney General can do that.  After the Equifax fiasco I wanted my info protected so I chose to free my accounts at all 3 credit bureaus.

SCAMS — what day & time are you out vulnerable?

According to an article in the AARP bulletin March 2019,   Monday only 29% took the bait , on Tues twice as many people gave their social security number or password to the scammers, but by Friday 65% gave away their data!!  Around 5pm is when you are most vulnerable.  

Also, women scammers who call you get more replies than men scammers do!  

IRS and tech-support scammers use more women to make their calls!  

Just hang up!You’re not being rude, you’re being SMART