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“I would have never thought it would be something that happened to me in my 20s,” said Bergfeld, who lives in Bismark, North Dakota, and has fully recovered aside from anxiety about the possibility of another stroke. “Don’t wait until tomorrow to go in if you don’t feel right today; it could happen to anybody.”

Stroke experts have long known the disease can strike people of any age, and research in recent years has graphically illustrated it.

What your brain wants for breakfast

What we put into our bodies has a powerful impact on our brains, which only weigh 2–3% of our body weight but use up 25–30% of the energy that’s found in what we eat. Our brains need to be properly cared for in order to make sure we perform at our best. You’d never jump in your car and set off without filling up the tank or checking the oil. If you tried to, you wouldn’t expect to get very far. Our brains are similar: They need to be properly fueled and hydrated in order to run smoothly, and we shouldn’t expect optimal performance when they’re not.

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When you combine that with

You’ll realize why I drink water instead of soda...

Time Goes By. What it’s REALLY like to get old

This is an interesting site for those of us over 60.  Topics range from Music to Pancreatic Cancer.  If you’re home bound and need a place to read others thoughts about aging, or if you need to tell YOUR story, take a look at this site.

My friends have either died or moved to be near their children.  A few of them are in retirement communities.  Most of them have some physical limitations.  I still walk, hike, dance, do yoga and need younger people in my life as folks my age can’t keep up with me or aren’t able to do the things I do. 

This week I helped at a homeless meal event where I worked in the clothing area and watched as folks had to decide which 2 items they wanted.  They were only allowed 2 items per category: tops, bottoms, shoes.  I came home appreciating my life but this won’t help me meet people with whom I can do things.  Sigh...