Bio-Tech or a simple way to heal

I attended their classes Sat and Sun to learn how to do this. 

Everyone can learn Bio-Touch!  This method consists of lightly touching specific points on the body.  The combination of correct points and light touch enhances the body’s natural healing ability.

They do not know “how” it works, it just does.  They don’t charge a fee for a treatment, but they welcome donations and they never pressure you for a donation.  If you become a member, the website and training eBook has complete instructions on how to apply this touch healing technique.  

One woman in the class learned enough from the web site to help her husband after his 2nd stroke.  Another wife learned enough before the class to help her husband’s head pain. Two women came from Delaware, another from San Diego just to take this class.

Two of the founders have a live stream on Facebook every Monday at 10:00 am MST.  There’s also an archive of these programs if you can’t watch them live.