Do You Have a will?

I know you think you'll live forever, but the reality is that you won't.  Every year the vast majority of Americans who die do so with having prepared a valid last will and testament.  For the past 3 decades that number has hovered between 70 and 80%1

My late daughter-in-law died in her 40's, my stepmother in her 30's and believe me those of us left behind had a mess to unscramble.

Federal law has incentives so we can let our wishes be known: child custody, property distribution and our last wishes.  A carefully planned will can actually minimize the costs to your estate.

If you haven't talked to your adult children about your wishes or your parents haven't talked to you, encourage them to where they can fill in their desires without having to discuss it.  For some folks, this is easier than face to face.  It also means it's accessible to family members who live far away.

Naturally you have to give them the information for them to access your directives, it seems pretty secure from prying eyes.