Have you had "The Conversation"?

 When it comes to end of life - what do YOU want?

Most folks say they don't want to unduly burden their families with their final decisions, but also most of them have NEVER discussed this with their family.

My Mother had Parkinson's and due to that she could no longer swallow.  Since she would not talk about it, my brother and I had to make the difficult decision about whether to have a feeding tube inserted or to let her die without food and water.  In addition, she never discussed what she wanted  for a funeral - we made our best guesses.

As it turned out, she couldn't digest the food from the feeding tube, she regurgitated it and it went into her lungs -- she died of pneumonia.

Two things to check out and 

My children know my wishes , I carry my medical wishes in my car and I've put a copy of them with my Dr. and my closest hospital.  Now I'm beginning to carry a copy of them with me when I travel abroad.

Do your family a BIG favor and either have the conversation or use mydirectives if you can't bring yourself to talk about this subject.

I'm also investigating "Final Exit" - which advises people who are ill and don't want to continue to live - more after I've investigated them.