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Life expectancies have risen in the U.S. over the past few decades, and many elderly people find themselves moving past retirement and needing some level of regular assistance or medical attention while still being able to live independently. Home health care, residential care, and assisted living are experiencing growing demand as the needs of the older generation become increasingly diverse. For Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) this means there are more opportunities to work with the elderly in a variety of settings. Visiting clients in their homes to provide occasional medical services or living assistance is common now. There are also many facilities providing a range of assisted living and long term care services to meet any level of need. The services provided by nurses and CNAs in these contexts include:

  • General health monitoring and measurement of vital signs
  • Food preparation and service, as well as feeding assistance
  • Dispensation of medication and other health maintenance

For anyone working in a home health or assisted living setting, and especially for those seeking these services, it is important to know what is available. The organizations collected here offer comprehensive information for both CNAs and their clientele. They are divided into topics and listed in no particular order within those topics. For any CNA considering providing home health care, assisted living services, or elder care in general, these resources are a great place to start.

Home Health Care

The availability of health care services within one’s own home can make it much easier to cope with the difficulties of age and illness. The demand for home health care is increasing as people recognize the benefits of receiving regular or periodic care in a place where they already feel safe and comfortable.

Home Healthcare Nurses Association (HHNA)

The Home Healthcare Nurses Association unites nurses to help better aspects of nursing practice, education, administration, and research. The site is also complete with useful news and advocacy resources.

Home Health Care – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Home Health Care – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has an assortment of useful articles that detail the latest news in home healthcare. The articles range in content, but provide useful insight into wide-ranging issues.

Bayshore Home Care Blog

Bayshore is a fully licensed home health agency that gives peace of mind to families by caring for their loved ones in the comfort of their own homes. Nurses answer phones and are available for caregiving 24 hours a day. They also provide family and friends relief and peace of mind, ensuring the daily care needs of their loved ones are met.

Kinnser Software Home Health Blog

Kinnser Software, Inc. was founded in 2003 to create web-based solutions that deliver clinical and business results for the home health industry. Their unique online home health software engages clinicians and staff throughout the care continuum, providing revolutionary connectivity with fiscal intermediaries/insurance, physicians and therapy companies.

HEALTHCAREfirst: Home Health and Hospice Industry News and Blog

HEALTHCAREfirst: Home Health and Hospice Industry News and Blog specializes in electronic healthcare records, as well as updates to regulatory practices and finding ways for healthcare providers to optimize business.

Residential Home Health Blog

The Residential Continuum of Care includes Residential Home Health, Residential Hospice and Healthy Living Medical Supply. Owned and operated by Michigan families, each Residential offering is dedicated to bringing their expertise to the continuum. These services, in combination, ensure each patient receives appropriate and exceptional care to maintain their quality of life, safety and independence at home.

Caring People Blog

Caring People serves a variety of needs for clients in a home setting and their services ranges from small tasks to complete care. They’ve been around since 1987 and their blog provides great context to important issues, while also detailing upcoming events.

Home Health Insight | A Lisa Selman-Holman blog

Home Health Insight | A Lisa Selman-Holman blog is great for furthering one’s understanding of home health coding and clinical issues related to the home health market. The posts display incredible depth and continue to develop important thoughts on today’s issues.

National Research Corporation Home Health Solutions

The National Research Corporation Home Health Solutions is an informative page for getting the latest information on how to improve performance as a home health care professional. The information makes it easy to understand the best approaches and be more efficient when recording information.

Oregon Health Care Association

The Oregon Health Care Association helps to advocate for seniors in the state, while also organizing conferences. As a non-profit, they’re also integral to the representation of a number of other organizations. Home Health Care Blog Home Health Care Blog has great posts for home health care providers to excel. Hello! Home Care is a home care agency based in Pasadena and they use this blog to impart valuable information to others.

MedStar Visiting Nurse Association

The MedStar Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) homecare team is made up of nurses, therapists, social workers and home health aides who travel to bring the services, technologies and therapies of a medical center into the comfort and privacy of patients’ homes. They provide physician-prescribed home health care services for homebound patients and those who are disabled or living with a chronic condition. In addition to home clinical care, disease management, and in-home IV therapy, they also serve their community through vaccination and wellness programs.

Freudenthal Home Health Blog for Family Caregivers

Freudenthal Home Health is a Medicare-certified and ACHC-accredited home health agency with a passion for helping elders live a full life at home by providing a full array of first-class skilled Medicare and private duty services that support, strengthen, and simplify all aspects of their lives at home.

HomeHealth101 Blog

HomeHealth101 Blog provides health care professionals who work in a home setting all the information needed related to things such as documentation, helpful links, and much more. The blog is great for getting the most updated content on what it’s like to work in a home setting for a variety of positions.

UC Berkeley Labor Center: Home Care Research: California’s Consumer-directed Model of Care

US Berkeley Labor Center: Home Care Research: California’s Consumer-directed Model of Care helps to keep others informed on research relevant to home care providers, as well as advocates, funders, and more. The page is loaded with useful articles that are sure to keep others updated on the best practices.

Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare Blog

Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare Blog has been around since 2010 and advocates for improved access to quality home healthcare services. The site has great news resources and an informative blog.

Easy Living Blog

Easy Living Blog was created with the client in mind and helps to advocate for the rights of seniors, as they have for 20 years. The site is great for getting information on the various services and solutions they provide.

McKesson Homecare Talk

McKesson Homecare Talk is designed to give in-home and hospice providers a great place to get information on how to improve their effectiveness in their position and more. The posts go over the latest developments in the field, which helps keep users updated on what to watch for.