My experience with hearing aids

I lost my hearing aid last fall.  Had a new ear test and found I now needed hearing aids in both ears.  First place I tried was Zounds who had an ad in the local paper for $395.00 for hearing aids.  They put me through extensive trials including standing outside and noticing the traffic noise could be muted.  HOWEVER, when I went to purchase, it turned out what they had demonstrated cost $3-4,000.  Talk about bait and switch.  I took the $395 ones but returned them shortly as they did not fit.  The next place had a great technician and sold me hearing aids which they had had as loaners for folks who lost or destroyed their aids.  They had these reconditioned and sold them to me at a discounted price.  HOWEVER, the technician left there and the new one I was assigned to simply did not know what she was doing. I forget the setting she used, but it was an inappropriate one.  So, I returned those and eventually got a refund.

Now to my delight, I have found a hearing aid place that shows me the settings they’re using, explains what they’re doing and have given me among other things, a dehumidifier (I had my first hearing aid for 5 years and no one mentioned a de-humidifier). Their price was reasonable, their financing is no interest for 2 years and I can tell when I wear them.

Too many of my senior citizen friends won’t wear hearing aids — cost being one reason, vanity - the fear they’ll look old is another.  Don’t they know they look old when they have to keep asking “what did you say?”  

I got my hearing aids after I read that folks who don’t get hearing help are 5 times more likely to get dementia.  Think about it… if you can’t hear, your brain isn’t processing as much…. Duh!!

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