Use these home maintenance resources

If you need help paying for repairs to your home, you may have some community and government options. The Huffington Post has a long list here. You can also ask your local Area Agency on Aging and your utility company if they help seniors who need help with home repairs.

This list will get you started, but you can do much more for your home if you wish. This Old House has a 4-page long, detailed printable home inspection checklistLifehacker has another list that includes annual heavy cleaning chores to keep your appliances in top shape, too. It’s a good idea to declutter regularly to make downsizing easier later on, too. Keeping up your home is a lot of work, but it pays off in comfort while you live there and again when you’re ready to sell.

We’ve got more tips on winterizing your home and upgrading your home’s fire safety. Find more senior home and real estate resources at