Hi!  So glad you're visiting my site.  My name is Gail Lawley. 

Gail Head shot Bangkok

I was a computer analyst for 40 years, so how did I come to author a book about retirement?

Simple:  As an analyst, I make lists of requirements for most everything I do. 

I started about 20 years ago making lists for friends and relatives who were considering moving to a retirement place - independent, assisted living, or a continuing care retirement community.. Others used the lists to decide whether to stay at home and hire help or move or live with their children.

In addition, I had several friends who, although they appeared to still be healthy and active, moved into some kind of community.   I don't mean the "over 55" housing developments, I mean the ones that prepare your meals, offer transportation and all kinds of activities. I had to find out why, and checked out these "active living" communities. 

That's when I decided to publish my lists.

I"m a pretty ordinary senior citizen except for my familiarity with computers.  I'll admit to being over 75.  I have 3 children, 9 grandchildren and  6 great-grandchildren. My Bachelor's degree in Math is from Penn State, but I've worked in computers all my life.  

None of this has much to do with the book but hopefully it helps you know me.  The photo, of course, was taken when I looked my most glamourous so don't expect to recognize me if we meet in the supermarket! Your comments, emails, likes and suggestions for improving my book are most welcome. Naturally  I also always appreciate referrals.  I do not give out your email to anyone.Please fill in the form below and send me your comments.  Thanks