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As we age, most of us will need some help.  Whether it's Meals on Wheels, Skilled Nursing, or just companionship in an Independent Living facility where we can pay for more help as we need it. Planning ahead will ensure that we have the best care we can afford. To help with your research as you approach this important planning, I've listed some of my favorite resources here.  If you do a search you will find many, many more sources of information.  I found much of it to be overwhelming, thus I created the lists in my book.  I'm sure you'll want to add to those lists, so email me with your suggestions.


Aging In Place Technology Watch


A Senior Aging Hackathon Interesting concept and some good ideas but it needs to be done in cities more representational of other areas.  NYC is FAR different from where I live in Arizona.


Take a look at  Designed for Seniors and their Caregivers.

Apps & Blogs

The caregiver Senior Smilecast

My Brookdale Mobile       

How's my Mom

Search Apple's iTunes or Google Apps  for  Senior Living Finder to find more Apps

Genworth Cost of Caare


Books about eldercare

Long-Term Care: How to Plan and Pay for It, by Joseph L Matthews

The Eldercare Handbook: Difficult Choices, Compassionate Solutions, by Stella Mora Henry with Ann Convery.

A Child’s Guide to Eldercare ,   Nook   by Stella Mora Henry with Ann Convery

Companioning the Dying, by Greg Yoder

Web Sites     TheRetirementCafe     Best Retirement websites

Devices, Apps and Web Sites change CONSTANTLY, so do a search to get the latest.  Books are more stable.