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Note:  This page is not an endorsement for any of these services, just a reference site for information.  Please verify their credentials such as state licensing ,  employee training and references.

 Death Cafe Is Kristine Bentz  Meetings are 1st weds at 5:30

Need Medical attention but can’t get to the Doctor?   

Try MD24HouseCall 520-308-8205

Mesothelioma  first NON-PROFIT and NON-LAW FIRM affiliated

Transition help:  A Tender Transition                    Adult Day Care:The Regency Senior Club

Helping your aging parents? Life the next phase.       Pinnacle Healthcare Home based primary care

Mobile Dentist Kimberly Florez 520-622-2921

Medical Equipment:  Tucson Safety & Medical Supply 1740 Ft. Lowell & Campbell (Sw corner ) 520-628-7267

Med-Tech Pantano & Broadway,  Allied Medcor 520-296-5925, Rising Medical 520-886-7700

Live in Catalina?   Try IMPACT, Barbara McClure 825-0009  Vail 222-4966

Right At Home includes transportation and you can book as little as 1 hour

MD24 HouseCall  ---888-632-4758

Interfaith Community Services  297-6049

Geriatric consulting Suzanne Maisner 

Hiring a Caregiver?  Did they go to “Academy for Caregiving Excellence? 520-338-4402

Veteran?  What benefits are you entitled to?,  the correct way to apply 520-358-0861

ITN  dignified transport for seniors

FM              Homewatch Caregivers                             FM, FA    Hundred Palms

FR              Avalon SW Health & Rehab                         AF          Act Now RNs

FC FM        Crossroads Adult Care                               IV LN DT BrightStar

FV GV         Prestige Assisted Living                            FM           Homewatch Caregivers
Spouses together even if only 1 affected                     IV          Sun Life  (Local Tucson owner)

FE             La Frontera                                                 FM FE    Neuropsychology Assoc Evaluations

LM            Elder Care Councils                                     HH HF  Casa de la Luz Hospice

FB FM  GV Canyon Valley Memory Care                        HH       Tucson Medical Center Hospice

HH             Soulistic Hospice                                        FV         Elmcroft of River Centre

IV              Soreo                                                          GV DY   Casa Community Adult Day Care

AC   AF      Adult Care Locator                                      AS        Pima Council on Aging (PCOA)  

FV             Mather Lifeways- Splendido OV CCRC          AF        Senior Planning  

FV             La Posada Green Valley    CCRC                    FV        Atria Valley Manor

FA FM        Hundred Palms                                            HH       Soulistic Hospice

AF             Careminders                                                AF        A Senior Journey 

IV              Visiting Angels Tucson                                 AF       Care Patrol 

AF  AC       Senior Placement Advisors                           FV HH  Assurance HealthCare 

HH             Agape Hospice & Palliative care                               Mary Pittinger 520-989-0580 Alzheimers advice

AF             Act Now RNs Senior Living Placement           FA      The Edison House Assisted Living

FI              Country CLub of La Cholla                            FM      Copper Canyon Alzheimer's specialty

AF             A Senior Journey Placement help                   IC       Harmony Foundry Personal Care

FV             Avalon SW Health                                                    Catalina Foothills Adult Care (520) 390-6908 

IV              Home Instead                                                FA     Fairmount Assisted Living                                               

FR             La Cañada Care Center                                  IV       Seniors Helping Seniors 

FM FE        Haven Senior Horizons                                 FV DY  Handmaker

IC IP          Aventas HomeCare                                       FI FA    Broadway Proper

IV               BestCare@Home                                          IV AC  Alternatives in Home Care

FV              Mountain View                                             FR      Park Avenue

                 U of A Medical Center Home Health               FI       Pio Decimo Center Senior HUD Housing

FA             Broadway Proper                                            HH     Carondolet pallative & hospice

IV, FV        Jewish Elder Services                                      IC, IP  WeAreBy Your Side 520-888-3100


AA             Parkinson's Arizona                                      AA Dialysis

DT             Independent Transportation Network           IV Catalina In Ome Services
can't drive, this is an alternative

LM              Donate your Body Science Care                    LM      Elder Abuse  ARC     

AS              AZ Advance Directive Registry                       AF Beacon Senior Resources 520-870-6131


                                               Tucson Book stores:

                                                            Mostly Books            Barnes & Noble


Five hearing tech announcements that could benefit older adultsPosted: 12 Sep 2016 07:20 AM PDTHearing technology advances -- the hearing aid industry considers changing. It’s a positive when you see disruption of industries that have too tight a lock on the consumer, whether it is in categories of health insurancetelecom carriers or hearing aids.  You spend time with people everywhere you go – those with significant hearing loss but no hearing aids; they have hearing aids, but hate to wear them.  According to a recent NY Times article, two-thirds of adults over 70, but only 15-30% of those wear them – and at $5000 a pair, no wonder. In recent years, personal sound amplification products(PSAPs) that are not classified as hearing aids and thus do not require the audiologist role, though the FDA may change that. Just asking, if the device is called a 'Wearable,' does Silicon Valley find it more worthy of funding?  But anyway. In July, Consumer Reports published an explanatory guide that should be required reading for organizations that serve older adults. It would seem to be the wild west of innovation.  Here is a sampling of five recent product announcements:ReSound. The firm "introduced a new model to the award-winning ReSound LiNX2™ family: the world's only mini behind-the-ear (BTE) model to feature Made for iPhone. In addition, the mini BTE also features telecoil capabilities. ReSound LiNX2 is the world’s first internet-connected hearing aid, connecting to the internet to locate misplaced hearing aids. This new model enhances the award-winning ReSound Smart Hearing portfolio, giving users even more choices to meet individual preferences and hearing loss needs." Learn more at Resound.Oticon. 

"Technological limitations of current hearing aids have led to the use of tunnel directionality: Speech coming from the front is clear, whereas the rest of the sound environment is suppressed. This results in a limited, narrowed and artificial listening experience. With new, groundbreaking technology, Oticon Opn™ is fast and precise enough to analyse and follow the soundscape and differentiate between sounds. Even in complex listening environments, this allows Oticon Opn™ to constantly open up and balance individual sounds to deliver a rich and meaningful soundscape, empowering the brain to choose on which sounds to focus." Learn more at Oticon.

Silicon Valley based startup that "offers an entry-level rechargeable hearing aid (FDA class I medical device) that it sells directly to consumers. Eargo is a near-invisible in-the-canal device offering four volume settings. Developed by a French ENT, it features patented silicone “flexi-fibers” that enable the device to sit comfortably deep in the ear canal while letting air and natural sound flow freely to the eardrum. At $1,980 per pair, the Eargo hearing aids are more expensive than many of the new off-the shelf “hearables” (classified as personal sound amplification products, or PSAPs, by the FDA), but less expensive than the higher end hearing aids fitted by audiologists." Learn more at

 "Cochlear Limited (ASX: COH), the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, announces today it has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its newest innovative hearing loss solution, Kanso. The Kanso Sound Processor provides a distinct new way for cochlear implant users to hear. Unlike most hearing aids and current cochlear implant sound processors that are worn on the ear, Kanso is a small, off-the-ear hearing device  that provides a more discreet hearing solution and delivers the same hearing experience as a behind-the-ear sound processor." Learn more at Cochlear.

 "iHear® Medical announced today the launch of the world’s first online hearing solutions platform. The company begins taking orders today for its flagship invisible iHEARHD® hearing aid, and the iHearTest™, which recently received landmark FDA approval as the first and only home hearing screener. Delivery of iHear products starts July 15, 2016. The company also plans to launch the iHEARMAX™, a mini behind-the-ear hearing device, on August 15, 2016. iHear’s products are currently being offered in the U.S., with plans to introduce them in China and other markets in 2017." Learn more at iHearMedical.