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Interview for the Author’s Show:  15 minutes Don McCauley


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Mike Schikman  Dec 8, 2014


Interview with Sharon Jenkins from the Literary Showcase on 2/15/14


Interview with David Holland, on 2/14/14


Did a video with Dr Ravi Chandra on Dec 16, 2013.  He asked some really great questions such as: Have you found a retirement home that serves curries?  Do you know if any great romances occur in these homes?



interview on Sunday Nov 17 at 12:30 pm EST with Jeanne White . Online at  Hear the latest and some of the items not presented in my book because I learned of them after it was published.

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See my book's review  at in their November issue

New Book: It’s Your Move: Choices for Senior Living

Author Gail Lawley has written It’s Your Move: Choices for Senior Living to help seniors and their families find the best type of place to live in retirement. The handy guide is designed for those who are contemplating where they want to live for the rest of their lives — or for children having to choose home,  help or a find a place that will meet the needs of a parent.  She discusses staying put as an option as well as moving to an independent living community, an assisted living facility, a personal care home, or a nursing home.

The “Early Planning” chapter focuses on first decisions that should be made and their timing, with a general outline of available choices. The “Other Consideration” section includes lists such as comparing for profit or not-for-profit facilities, as  well as options such as outside help in making choices. The 84-page paperback book is loaded with references to websites and organizations that can be helpful. It is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble for about $14.00.

Author's note:  It's also available on Kindle, Nook, etc for less money.

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November 2013 issue

New Book: It’s Your Move: Choices for Senior Living


See the September review by "onlinebookclub"


"Once past the empty-nester stage, you soon become a "senior" and where you then choose to live can determine how you live. Does it make sense to continue to live in the family homestead or is it better to downsize to a smaller, more efficient place? A condo? A continuing care facility?

Much of this decision-making depends on your lifestyle, spouse, health, family, finances, your location and many other variables. This helpful book puts much of this confusion into perspective. It's loaded with charts that you can fill in based on your own personal circumstances. It can become a workbook that you'll use to form a plan for your next move. There will eventually be one, so it's important to plan ahead.

Lawley's book starts with methods you can utilize to analyze your current situation and then examines the types of housing choices available. The book then deals with how to choose what's right for you in the Making The Move chapter. This involves a review of the initial costs vs. continuing costs and let's you determine what's best for you based on your financial situation, medical requirements, social preferences.

Sooner or later almost all of us must face downsizing and we all must move on with our lives. Whether this will happen many years in the future or if you feel you need to make decisions now, this book will help. This is a helpful, no-nonsense book that will give you peace of mind about what your future holds. There is very little information like this available so it's an excellent resource. Highly recommended."



“Wow!  What a job pulling all that information together.  There is nothing I would change or add because you included some items I hadn't even thought about.

I think choosing one of those places is like buying a house.  You never get everything the way you would want it after making the decision. 

The important thing would be to get most things right."  



I recall going through this with my in-laws who went through various stages in their elder years.  I pretty much just jumped in with both feet and just researched on my own.  This will be a valuable resource place for so many – great job!



"Are you trying to decide whether to move into a retirement community or stay in your own home? Or do your parents need more care than you can provide?

Then you should read It's Your Move by Gail Lawley. You will never find a more complete guide to assess your needs, or those of your loved ones, and discover the many levels of care in retirement homes. In her book Lawley has provided numerous checklists to compare facilities. This is a valuable resource for you when you have to make this important decision."

Mary Ellen Barnes, author of Peregrine and Teresa and the Cowboy: Un Cuento de Amor Tucsonense